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Why should you join

 Tau Phi Delta?

  • Living with fellow outdoorsman

  • Establishing lifelong friendships

  • Social opportunities

  • Outdoor involvement in and around State College

  • Professional Networking

  • One of the nations largest greek organizations

  • Serving the community through service and philanthropy

  • Finding a home at Penn State


        Similar to most fraternities, new members of Tau Phi Delta are required to go through a period on initiation known as "pledging." During this period, prospective Brothers are introduced to house history, operations, and the governance of the Fraternity. Our pledge program is not designed to hinder the pledge, but rather to prepare the newcomer to be an asset to the Brotherhood. While pledging, the academic, social, and extra-curricular aspects of fraternity living are never overlooked. We do not permit the frivolous "hazing" that is often associated with the idea of pledging, but rather focus on maintenance and pride in our House, developing skills that prospective Brothers can use in later life.


        Any current or prospective Penn State student who is interested in learning more about Tau Phi Delta and the benefits it offers should feel free to contact our Membership Chairman below. We'll be happy to invite you to tour the House, enjoy a meal with us, and get to know the Brotherhood! If interested in joining Tau Phi Delta please get in contact with us!

Devyn Clair or Jack Valanzia

(717)-919-3483 / (978)-882-3821 /

Membership Chairmen


Recent Pledge Classes

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