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Tau Phi Delta


BREAKING NEWS:  For the first time since December of 2022 the house is open for Active Brothers and activity.  Classes start Monday and move in is ongoing.  A big thank you to all those Active Brothers, BOD members, Grand National members and alumni of our great fraternity in navigating the unknown of the Flood destruction that left our house questioning its future.  We are happy to welcome our Active brothers back to the house for the 2023/2024 academic year.  More details/information regarding the upgrades made to the house will be provided at an upcoming date.

Interested in the Treehouse?
Contact our new membership chairman with any questions:
Devyn Clair: OR (717)-919-3483

From the editor,
     My name is Jacob Schneider and I am a Sophmore at Tau Phi Delta. One of our goals as a house is to create a stronger method of outreach between potential new members, the alumni and the current active brotherhood by enhancing communication. I would like for this site to serve as a glimpse into the house as well as some of the activities that we take part in. 
      In addition, the alumni are an important part of the house and its history. This house would not be standing if not for those who came before us, and we want the alumni to look at the current chapter and feel the same pride they did years ago. 

Please contact me at  (724)-650-8147
or our chapter president Andrew Krawczyk at (814)-574-3936


427 East Fairmount Ave., State College, PA 16801 

For contact regarding House business, please contact...

Board Of Directors Sec. Gregg Horvat



Grand National Sec. Earl Hower


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